Cemosis Partnership

CEMOSIS partnership

 The Modeling and Simulation Center of Strasbourg, known as CEMOSIS, provides expertise in the following key technologies for collaborations with enterprises:

  • Modeling, Simulation, Optimization
  • High Performance Computing
  • Signal and Image
  • Data mining

CEMOSIS's mission is to combine efforts in modeling and numerical simulation, in order to act as an interface between the world of academic research and enterprises and to ensure the dissemination of digital knowledge in the socioeconomic world.


Cemosis and AlsaCalcul Services team up to respond to business challenges in the Grand-Est region through the SiMSEO program. We bring all our knowledge, know-how and expertise, we provide you with technical support and we offer training for optimal use of the supecomputing center of the University of Strasbourg.


Below you may find information about our joint offer, as well as the financing mechanisms from which you could benefit:


financing mechanisms